Are you looking for a special place to call your home church?  Why not come and visit us. Here are a few reasons to consider our church as your "new" home.


 “Why should I join the First Baptist Church of DeBary?”

*We Believe God wrote the Holy Bible for us to read, and to use as a source to grow and live for Him

*Our Pastor preaches from God’s Word – The Holy Bible

*We believe that Christ is the only "way, the truth, and the life”

*We believe that salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior – Galatians 2:16-20

*We believe that salvation is a free gift from God, but it came at a cost – John 3:16

*We believe that Christ paid the cost/price: He suffered, He died, and He rose again for our sins

*God encourages us in His word to have fellowship with other believers in response to our faith

*Our church is a Baptist church and we believe in baptism by immersion - going “under” the water - Matthew 28:18-20

*As a Baptist church, we have a clear and distinct set of beliefs

*Our church cares for you and we want you to be a part of our church family.

*We want you and all your loved ones, and friends to come and serve the Lord with us

*We believe in the great commission to go into the entire world and tell them about Jesus


By Profession of Faith and Believer’s Baptism:

If an individual openly acknowledges Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and will follow Him in believer’s baptism (by immersion), comes forward then we will receive him into our church fellowship.

By Statement of Faith:

If an individual who has been baptized upon profession of faith in a Baptist Church but who, because of loss of records or similar circumstances, has no regular letter, may be accepted and brought into our church membership by statement. Any individual presented for membership who has been baptized (by immersion) in a non-Baptist Church (of like faith) and practice shall be received by statement.

By Letter:

An individual from a similar Baptist Church (of like faith) and practice may be received into membership upon receiving a letter or transfer from the prior church.

By Baptism from another Church Denomination:

An individual who meets membership requirements, but has been baptized by another method (other than immersion) must be immersed (put under the water) to become a member of our church body. Matthew 28:18-20



You are invited to respond to the “call from the Lord” and come forward during one of our invitations, which are given at the end of our services.

New Members are asked to attend Pastor Rottenberger 6 weeks course for new members, which is held every few months during the Sunday morning Bible study time.

We look forward to you joining the First Baptist Church of DeBary family. God has provided a way for our sins to be forgiven, simple faith in Jesus Christ, by grace through faith. Our church will help you grow and welcome you into our church family.


“For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves:

it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast.”

Ephesians 2:8-9

We welcome you to “the Grace Place” the First Baptist Church of DeBary