Clubbers can earn "Awana dollars" for use in our toy store
****please check back often for updates or for club changes


Awana Points and Dollars

  Awana dollars are given to the clubbers to be used in the FBCD Awana Store.

The points clubbers earn each night are added up and the winning "color team" gets a treat.

Points for Games:

First Place 100 pts.

Second Place 50 pts. 

Points for Sections:

For each section passed the clubber gets 100 pts.

For each section passed and signed by a parent the clubber get an extra 100 pts.


Other Ways to Get Points:

Bring your Bible - 100 pts. 

Bring your Handbook - 100 pts. 

Wear your Uniform - 100 pts. 

Church Attendance - 100 pts.


More Ways to Earn Dollars:

Each Section - $2.00 

Passed Entrance Book - $10.00

Passed Club Book - $20.00

Bringing Visitor - $10.00