1. *Doors open to clubbers at 6:15 PM for check in and supervised games. Club starts promptly at 6:30 pm and ends promptly at 8 pm.


2. *Respectful language is always expected before, during, and after club.


3. *Care and respect should be shown for church property.


4. *Pushing, shoving, and roughhousing are not allowed.


5. *Running is allowed only on the game circle at game time.


6. *Leader supervision is required for clubbers to enter the church sanctuary, fellowship hall, and kitchen.


7. *Please do not bring gum to club.


8. *If the Commander, Director, or Leader in charge begins counting, the clubbers are expected to wait quietly for instructions.


9. *Commanders and Directors utilize the three-count for individuals not following club behavior standards. If a clubber receives three warnings in one meeting, he or she will be sent home for the night. Clubbers who have been sent home may return to club in the future if they agree to abide by club behavioral standards.


10. *Uniforms and handbooks may be purchased when clubbers have completed their entrance booklet. Upon receiving the uniform, the clubber should wear it to every regular Awana meeting.


11. *Awards are presented only to clubbers in uniform.                                                     


12. *Sections must be passed by clubbers in one session. Clubbers are allowed two helps per section. Clubbers will receive extra points for saying their verses to their parents before they come to club (parents need to sign at the end of the section), but clubbers will still need to say the section to a leader on Awana night to pass the section.


13. *Address Awana workers respectfully * Mr., Mrs., or Miss.


14. *Awana clubbers are encouraged to regularly attend club and Sunday School.


15. *Game Time is a privilege. In cases of extreme disorderliness, it may be revoked for the night.


16. * Clubbers must wear sneakers or tennis shoes to play during game time.  No bare feet, flip flops,dress shoes, crocs, or cowboy boots will be allowed. Clubbers will not be allowed to play games without proper shoes.


17. *Each clubber is expected to pay a registration fee of $15.00. Payment plans can be set up at $5 per month.