Welcome to our Media Center

We would like to thank you for coming to our FBCD Media Center. We have a variety of books, DVD’s, CD’s and some older items (cassettes and VHS) still in the collection.

Our library book collection and DVD collection is now online. 

Take a look around, stop by our “new book” shelf and feel free to check out the new DVD’s, CD’s, and books. You are also welcomed to browse our History Book collection and see the photos and other historical documents in each yearly History book starting from 1952 to the present.

The older media has some sermons on cassettes, and a few VHS tapes. Many items date back to the 90’s when Pastor Weiss was our pastor. We have a collection of Bible stories on cassettes (that were donated from a radio station series). Even though they are from the 80's, they are great stories teaching Christian values and morals to your children.

When you go through our book list you will see we have a very small collection of books (health, self help, and pets) that are not Bible or Christian books that can be of help to those who may not get to go to a regular public library.

In two of the classrooms we have books shelves of our Bible Study books. Feel free to sign out the book and place the card in the box. When you are done with the books put it on the library desk and we will return it to the proper location.

We pray that you will grow in the Lord and also enjoy some great Christian wholesome books from our library. Check out our Media Center and tell your friends about the books you have read, the DVD’s you have seen.


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