Current books in our Library Collection


Current DVD's in our Library Collection


Youth, Children, and Parent Media Center Privileges


General Information

Thank you for coming to our library. “Library” refers to the First Baptist Church of DeBary Media Center. Our library also has sermons on CD and cassettes, a few VHS tapes in many categories, books in print, and a few books on cassette tape and DVD.


Library Hours

Sunday Morning –

9:20-9:45; 10:40-10:55

Wed. Night –

See a librarian or self check out


Use of Library

The library is open for FBCD Awana Clubbers, parents, and those who attend our church functions and youth functions. Children are allowed to check out the children’s books if there is a parental signature on file.  An adult must be in the library for children and youth to come and use the Media Center.  Our library runs on an honor system.  We ask that parents help us teach the children and the youth to be honest and to sign the books out when they want to check them out and return them in 1 month; just merely fill out the card and give it to the librarian.


Loan of items

 Anything in the FBC Media Center may be on loan for a period of 1 month. If you would like to keep the items longer than a month, please come back and recheck out the item so we can maintain our records.


“New Books” Display Book Case

Children are allowed to check out children books, VHS, CD, DVD’s and children cassette tapes (Bible stories).  We encourage the parents to come and spend some time with their children before Awana and after Awana.  During Awana you may feel free to join Pastor Rottenberger for a time of Bible Study and a time of prayer from 7pm – 8 pm.


Checking an item out:

See the librarian to check out media. Sign the card and put the card in the front of the brown box.  The librarian will take care of the rest. 


If a librarian is not present, parents have permission to go into the library and browse the stacks.  Parents may take their children into the library and “self” check out and return items.  Children and youth are not allowed in the library without an adult or a leader or church staff.


How to “Self” check out:

Take the card out of the pocket.


Print the date that you are checking the item out (today’s date) on the card.

Print your first and last name of the card.


The card goes in the front of the brown box on the desk in the library.


How to return an item:

Place all returned items on the cart by the desk, we will check the book back into the library.


Damaged or Lost Items

If an item(s) is lost or damaged beyond repair, we ask that you bring an item of similar kind (that can be found in a Christian Bookstore). Please let the librarian know so the lost item(s) can be removed from our inventory. The FBCD Media Center does not issue fines. Please do not mark in the items since they are for everyone’s use.


Lastly from the Staff


This is a ministry of the First Baptist Church of DeBary for the spiritual growth of each person.  Please understand that these materials have been donated and proofed in a general way. If anyone sees any materials that has something objectionable in it, it is against the Bible, or Baptist doctrine, please let the librarian know as soon as possible.


We are accepting donations of Christian DVD, CD’s and Christian teen/children books to replace some of our items.  If you ever want to donate to our library, we will place your name on a donation label, put it on the item you donate, and place it in our collection.***


Thank you for using our library and may the Lord use the Media Center to strengthen your walk with God.


***We try and use all the donated items but if an item does not meet our library needs or church standards the item will be donated to hospice or Goodwill.